• Mathematics: Students will be starting chapter 4 of our math program, College Preperatory Mathematics (CPM). This chapter focuses on operations with fractions and decimals, along with finding area of multiple types of polygons.

Sixth grade is the time in mathematics where we take foundational skills learned in years past and apply them to higher level concepts. This is especially apparent in their work with expressions and equations, where we introduce variables and start having students manipulate real-life algebraic equations.This is an exciting time for mathematics in sixth grade here in SLCUSD. We are in our first year using a new math program called College Preparatory Mathematics. Please see this website created by the district for more information about our math instruction and to learn how you can help your child succeed: Middle School Math for Students and Families

  • Reading:Throughout December students will be reviewing and strengthening their understanding of fiction. We will be looking at character development, how the setting influences the character and the plot, and how we can determine the theme of a story. We will also start looking ahead to our nonfiction unit, and finding connections between the work we did in our fiction unit.
  • Writing: Students are working with Mrs. Greenelsh on a Literary Argument Unit. They are tracking important details and character changes throughout stories and determining the theme.
  • Science: All sixth graders will be continuing to work together on a unit focused on genetics. Throughout the unit we will have a focus on two final project that teams will complete. One is a seed dispersal system that students will design, test, revise, and then demonstrate to the class. Another is creating an ecotour of Madagascar with a focus on the unique traits that are present in that island nation. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit!
  • Social Studies: Students will be starting a Project Based Learning unit on Greece in mid-January. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit as well!