• Mathematics: Students will be completing chapter 6 of our math program, College Preperatory Mathematics (CPM). This chapter focuses on division using multiple strategies, and then moves on to algebra! Students are using algebra tiles to work with variables, a tool they will be using in middle school as well. We will then move into chapter 7, which has a main focus on ratios and especially rates. It also strengthens division understanding, along with order of operations.

Sixth grade is the time in mathematics where we take foundational skills learned in years past and apply them to higher level concepts. This is especially apparent in their work with expressions and equations, where we introduce variables and start having students manipulate real-life algebraic equations.This is an exciting time for mathematics in sixth grade here in SLCUSD. We are in our first year using a new math program called College Preparatory Mathematics. Please see this website created by the district for more information about our math instruction and to learn how you can help your child succeed: Middle School Math for Students and Families

  • Reading: In the middle of January we started a nonfiction unit. Students have learned how to determine main ideas and how these lead to a central idea of a text. We will take this learning now and apply it to doing research on a topic. Students will be working in research groups, looking at multiple books and articles about a selected topic and determining a central idea/theme across the texts.
  • Writing: Students are working with Mrs. Greenelsh on a Research Unit. They are learning how to develop an idea around a topic, do research on that topic, and then use that research to support their position on a topic. One major piece of this unit is starting to learn how to cite sources in writing.
  • Science: All sixth graders will be starting their work together on a unit focused on heat and energy. Throughout the unit we will have a focus on a final project based around the topic. The project will be building an appropriate home for a penguin (this is actually being done by scientist in South Africa). Students will design, test, revise, and then demonstrate to the class. They will have to consider the thermal properties of the materials they use. Namely, how fast or slow these materials allow heat energy to move. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit!
  • Social Studies: Students will be starting a Project Based Learning unit on Greece in early April. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit as well!