Reading: Our reading unit this month has focused on understanding characters in literature on a deeper level.  We have been analyzing character traits, character motivations, and how characters bring out the theme in a book.  Students are being asked to reference and give examples from the text to support their ideas and inferences.  Students have been put in partners and trios, reading the same book.  Books are selected by the partnership (not me). This allows for more discussion about the topics of study and always them to ask questions if there are parts that are confusing to them.  It has been so exciting watching kids who have not read much in the past, soaking up lots of good books.

Writing: We have just started our new writing unit on Literary Argument.  Students are currently working on a character essay.  They begin by reading a piece of literature and analyzing the main character.  Then they pick a character trait that they think is true of that character throughout the story.  In the essay, they are to come up with three solid examples of how that character shows that trait.  Those are the three body paragraphs.  Students are learning to find powerful quotes and paraphrase important information that supports their claim.  Next month, we will move into the theme essay.  In that essay, they will pick a theme (moral/lesson) being taught in a piece of literature and support their claim through examples, quotes, and insight.  This is a challenging unit for many student, so we are going slowly.  They will definitely need this understanding for seventh grade English.

Social Studies: We are currently in our unit on ancient Mesopotamia.  Students have been put into small groups and they are working together to answer the driving questions " How can we, as lawyers, present an argument to the jury persuading them that our key feature of a civilization was most important to the success of ancient Mesopotamia?"  The key features that are being argued include geography, government, religion, writing, art/architecture, public works, cities, social order, and job specialization.  They will be presenting their arguments next Wednesday, November 8.  More information is to come.  Remind your student to be practicing their part of the presentation at home daily.

Science: Our first science unit was on Healthy Habits.  The next one will begin after our unit on ancient Mesopotamia.  Mr. Morgan is very excited to lead the students through a genetics unit.

Math:  Students are just starting Ch. 4 on variable and ratios.  This unit will focus on concepts like using variables to generalize and represent unknown quantities, writing multiple expressions to describe patterns, equivalent expressions, finding the value of an algebraic expression when the value of the variable is unknown, enlarging and reducing figures, and using ratios to describe relationships between similar shapes.

Sixth grade is the time in mathematics where we take foundational skills learned in years past and apply them to higher level concepts. This is especially apparent in their work with expressions and equations, where we introduce variables and start having students manipulate real-life algebraic equations.This is an exciting time for mathematics in sixth grade here in SLCUSD. We are in our first year using a new math program called College Preparatory Mathematics. Please see this website created by the district for more information about our math instruction and to learn how you can help your child succeed: Middle School Math for Students and Families


See the following website for information about our new mathematics program called College Preparatory Mathematics. There is HW help, etools and videos, toolkits, and a parent guide with explanations and extra practice available:

Quality Math Games

The website below offers information from our district about the new Standards-Based Report Card:

Standards-Based Report Card Information

The following link has information about getting support for your family:

Family Resource Center

Thanks so much for all of your support.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.