August/ September

Reading:  We are starting off the year with a unit on independent reading.  Students will be building stamina in reading by focusing on topics like choosing just right books, an interacting voice vs a distracting voice, characterization, and plot.  It is meant to be a reflective unit that helps readers to recognize how to become a stronger, more independent reader.  Then we will begin a unit on characterization.  This unit with focus on character traits, character motivations, and how characters bring out the theme in a book.  Students will be asked to reference and give examples from the text to support their ideas and inferences.

Writing: Students have begun their first writing unit on how to write a powerful personal narrative.  They will learn how to write a small moment story using characters, action, dialogue, inner thinking, and figurative language.  The challenging part of writing a personal narrative in sixth grade is that now we require the stories to have a theme, lesson, or something you learned embedded in the story.

Social Studies: We will be flip-flopping between science and social studies this year.  Right now we are doing a science unit.  In October, we will begin to study ancient Mesopotamia.  

Science: Our first science unit is on Healthy Habits.  Students will be learning about cells and how cells are impacted by viruses like the flu.   They will be able to look at different types of cells under the microscope like the cells from their elbow vs the cells from the inside of their mouth. They will also be creating an infomercial that teaches younger students how to prevent the flu.  

Math:  Mr. Morgan will be teaching the math this year.  Students began Ch. 1 in CPM which stands for College Preparatory Mathematics. This program is very different from the math programs they had in kindergarten through fifth grade.  It focus on working as a team and problem solving together.  The concepts spiral throughout the year, so they may not reach mastery the first time a concept is taught, but they will see that concept again a couple more times during the year. However, it is the same program used at the middle school and high school.  This is a perfect year for them to transition into CPM, so that it is one less transition next year at Laguna.  The concepts that this chapter will focus on are making sense of challenging problems, prime factorization, perimeter and area, place value, rounding, and natural numbers.  The homework each night is called "Review and Preview."  That means that some of the problems will be a preview to a lesson that has not been taught yet.  Because of this, we expect students to try each math problem at night and use at least one method or strategy.  We will give them credit for all problems attempted, even if they are not correct.  The commonly missed problems will be reviewed in class.  

Sixth grade is the time in mathematics where we take foundational skills learned in years past and apply them to higher level concepts. This is especially apparent in their work with expressions and equations, where we introduce variables and start having students manipulate real-life algebraic equations.This is an exciting time for mathematics in sixth grade here in SLCUSD. We are in our first year using a new math program called College Preparatory Mathematics. Please see this website created by the district for more information about our math instruction and to learn how you can help your child succeed: Middle School Math for Students and Families


See the following website for information about our new mathematics program called College Preparatory Mathematics. There is HW help, etools and videos, toolkits, and a parent guide with explanations and extra practice available:

Quality Math Games

The website below offers information from our district about the new Standards-Based Report Card:

Standards-Based Report Card Information

The following link has information about getting support for your family:

Family Resource Center

Thanks so much for all of your support.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.