Jeffrey Morgan

Sixth Grade

Mr. Morgan's Website

Greetings students and families!

This is my eighth year here at Sinsheimer, and my seventh year as a 6th grade teacher. I am a San Luis County local, born at Sierra Vista Hospital and raised in Los Osos. I originally moved into San Luis Obispo to live in the dorms at Cal Poly and lived in SLO for the next 12 years. Then in April of 2015 my wife and I bought a house out in Morro Bay.

I am so glad to be teaching 6th grade once again this year. I enjoy the curriculum and the out-of-classroom experiences that happen during this last year in elementary school. I also really enjoy getting to know the students and see them grow and change in this transformational year.

Outside of work I spend my time surfing, hiking, and camping.

Don't forget to check out the syllabus link to the right for information about the topics we are covering in 6th grade. Also check out the resources link to the right to get even more important information.

Important Dates:

Monday, March 5th through Friday, March 9th: Conference week, Early dismissal- 1:00 pm

Tuesday, March 6th, 6:00-7:00 pm: Laguna Family Information Night

Friday, March 16th, 8:45-9:30: Asset assembly presented by 6th grade!

Friday, March 23rd, afternoon/evening: PTA Art and Auction Night

Fun Photos:

Working with our 3rd grade buddies:


One of our students brought in his leopard geckos to share!

Science teams collaborating to learn about the unique traits of organisms from Madagascar:

Students use rubber bands to bind their thumbs and try to open up a paper clip to see what it would be like to not have opposable thumbs:

Fall party committee preparing our wonderful pancake feast!

Arbor Day Art Contest Winners from room 14!:

Students brainstorming to decide which of our reading skills we should use at certain points in a text:

Our student teacher, Mr. Pemberton, teaching a dance lesson in P.E.:

Collaborating on reading!:

Looking at live amoeba under the microscopes with our student teacher!:

Students collaborating on their team math test:

Mention this coupon for 15% off at Pizza la Nova (they are the pizza we have on Thursday Pizza Days):

Showing our 3rd grade buddies how to use their chromebooks!:

Looking at our own cheeck and elbow cells at x40, x100, x400 magnification!!!

Nurse Adrienne from Arroyo Grande Hospital shares information about the flu as part of our Healthy Habits science unit.

Mr. Martin sharing attendence information as part of our Healthy Habits science unit: