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Principal's Message

On behalf of the community at Sinsheimer Elementary, I would like to welcome you to our school! Sinsheimer has a long tradition of success and is among the highest achieving elementary schools in the county.

Sinsheimer is a neighborhood school located near the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Laurel Lane in San Luis Obispo, California. Our 16 credentialed teachers serve approximately 400 students in kindergarten through sixth grades.

We strive to make sure every student is successful by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum of study nurtured through positive relationships.Our wonderful staff and parents are here to further these goals. After all, the needs of each student are best served when we work together.

We have a wide range of programs and activities to meet the needs and interests of our students. Some of the opportunities include: Extended day learning (tutoring, robotics, engineering, computer programming), before and after school care, student council, peer mediation, outdoor school, and on site counseling.

We pride ourselves in fostering a safe and positive school environment. We teach character and have high expectations for students to do their best and be kind and thoughtful citizens.

We have an active PTA parent group who raise funds to support students and staff. Our families also plan a range of events including: Carnival, walkathon, family picnics, school assemblies, sweetheart dance, variety show, movie nights, and educational assemblies.

We look forward to working with you and hope that reviewing our webpage will provide some insight into the life of a “Stinger” at Sinsheimer Elementary. Please contact us at (805) 596-4088 for additional information.

- Jeff Martin, Principal

Sinsheimer Defining Statement

Our Sinsheimer community is committed to providing a caring, connected environment where all

students are empowered to develop independence and compassion through learning that inspires.


Nurture - Inspire - Achieve

About Our School

Our school is named after Louis F. Sinsheimer (1869-1951) the great-grandfather of our local Sinsheimer family.October 24th, 1954 marked the dedication of our school and the beginning of 60 years of excellence!

After 60 years it has been fun to look back and reflect on the changes within our school.The original school built in 1954 had seven classrooms (rooms 1-4-5-6-7-10-11) and a small office; with an enrollment of 227. Our current school has 15 classrooms, an art/science room, music room, Sun & Fun room, gymnasium, library, computer lab, a large staff room, a spacious office and work room and several smaller offices; with an enrollment of approximately 370 students.During these 60 years there have been seven principals: Tex Willard (18 years), Ralph Murphy (6 years), Cliff Hiatt (5 years), Jim Miller (8 years), Don Nicholson (10 Years), Joyce Hunter (10 years) and me (Jeff Martin).The first PTA started in 1955-56 during the second year of the school and continues today strong as ever. We have had two different mascots, the Sinsheimer Tiggers (1978) and the Sinsheimer Stingers (1983).Among numerous other changes our newsletters have been titled, The Grapevine (1972), Tigger Tales (1978) and What’s Buzzin’ (1983).

Throughout its 60+ year history there have been different hair styles, different dress styles, and different games on the playground but fortunately the important things in our school have remained the same!

School Hours


Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm


Tuesday - Friday: 8:25am - 2:50pm

Late Start Monday:

9:25am - 2:50pm

Map of School

Below you will see our district's Employee Code of Conduct. This defines our district core beliefs and the conduct we expect of our professionals.

Employee Code of Conduct

This code of conduct guides professional conduct with professional and ethical implications. It embraces the fundamental belief that the student is the foremost reason for the existence of the profession. Professional educators promote the development of character and civic responsibility of learners to explore ideas, to develop skills, and to acquire knowledge necessary to be contributing members of society.

#1: Equity

Professional educators advocate for the practice of equity by assuring equal access to educational opportunities for each individual. They recognize and address the uniqueness of each student and provide the appropriate educational supports and personalization of the educational experience.

#2: Mutual Respect

Professional educators respect the inherent dignity and worth of each individual. Educators deal considerately and justly with each student and seek to resolve problems.

#3: Diversity

Professional educators promote and respect diverse cultures by honoring and valuing individual differences and supporting the strengths of all individuals. They have the responsibility to present facts and provide access to all points of view without distortion, bias, or personal prejudice.

#4: Integrity

Professional educators behave in a trustworthy manner by ensuring confidentiality, demonstrating honesty, and maintaining a professional relationship with students at all times. They follow generally recognized professional standards and exercise sound professional judgment.


Este código de conducta guía la conducta profesional con implicaciones éticas y profesionales. Abarca la creencia fundamental de que el estudiante es la razón principal de la existencia de la profesión. Los educadores profesionales promueven el desarrollo del carácter y la responsabilidad cívica de los alumnos para que estos, exploren ideas, desarrollen habilidades y adquieran el conocimiento necesario para ser miembros contribuyentes de la sociedad.

#1: Equidad

Los educadores profesionales abogan por la práctica de la equidad al garantizar el acceso equitativo a las oportunidades educativas para cada individuo. Reconocen y abordan la singularidad de cada alumno y proporcionan el apoyo educativo adecuado y la personalización de la experiencia educativa.

#2: Respeto Mutuo

Los educadores profesionales respetan la dignidad inherente y el valor de cada individuo. Los educadores tratan con consideración y justicia con cada alumno y buscan resolver los problemas.

#3: Diversidad

Los educadores profesionales promueven y respetan las diversas culturas honrando y valorando las diferencias individuales y apoyando las fortalezas de todas las personas. Tienen la responsabilidad de presentar los hechos y proporcionar acceso a todos los puntos de vista sin distorsión, parcialidad o prejuicio personal.

#4: Integridad

Los educadores profesionales se comportan de manera confiable, asegurando la confidencialidad, demostrando honestidad y manteniendo una relación profesional con los estudiantes en todo momento. Siguen estándares profesionales generalmente reconocidos y ejercen un buen juicio profesional.