• Mathematics: Students will be completing the first three chapters of our math program, College Preperatory Mathematics (CPM). Chapter 1 is mainly a review of important 5th grade concepts, along with a preview of some of the big topics we will be covering this year. It is designed this way so that students can get used to working in groups and using the new curriculum. Chapter 2 starts with an introduction to data collection. It then goes on the cover the basics of area, and uses this understanding to teach multiplication through the area model. Chapter 3 starts with portions, looking at how fractions, decimals, and percents are connected. The second part of the chapter has students exploring the number line and how it can be used to work with negative numbers. It also connects the number line to coordinate grids.

Sixth grade is the time in mathematics where we take foundational skills learned in years past and apply them to higher level concepts. This is especially apparent in their work with expressions and equations, where we introduce variables and start having students manipulate real-life algebraic equations.This is an exciting time for mathematics in sixth grade here in SLCUSD. We are in our first year using a new math program called College Preparatory Mathematics. Please see this website created by the district for more information about our math instruction and to learn how you can help your child succeed: Middle School Math for Students and Families

  • Reading: The first few weeks of school we work on our reading independence. Students monitor and evaluate their reading progress, and discover how studying characters can help us get a deeper understanding of a book. In mid-September we will start a unit that dives deeper into studying characters, focusing on their actions, inner thinking, and dialogue.We will also have minilessons focused on studying word use, author's craft, summary, and theme. Students will also form literature circle groups and select a book to read together. They take on a different role each week, either preparing discussion questions, listing key words, finding important sections, connecting the book to other books, or summarizing, and then share their work at a weekly meeting. 
  • Writing: Students are working with Mrs. Greenelsh on a Narrative Unit. They are learning how to write on a small moment in great detail, elaborating on important parts and using craft moves to improve the depth of their writing.
  • Science: We will be starting a Project Based Learning unit in October called Healthy Habits. Students will be learing about cells and body systems, and the effects of the flu virus on these systems. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit.
  • Social Studies: Students are working on a Project Based Learning unit on Mesopotamia throughout September. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Greenelsh will be teaming up to co-teach this unit as well!